Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Events in February...

I've just come back from the NYC Toy Fair (check out some of the cool action figures that will be coming out over on action-figure.com), and I do believe some of the Dallas sketchgroup game artists may still be at the GDC (Feb 18-22) over in San Francisco. But, there is at least one event in the Dallas area next weekend that some Sketchgroup artists might want to check out: ConDFW.

ConDFW 2008 is "A science fiction and fantasy event" taking place in Richardson Feb 22-24. Artist Donato Giancola is an Artist Guest of Honor. If you're into reading/watching Science Fiction and Fantasy, there will be a nice variety of authors and additional scifi/fantasy artists to check out as well, with Peter S. Beagle of 'The Lost Unicorn" fame as Author Guest of Honor (BTW artist David Cherry from Ensemble Studios is also listed as attending).

That's about all that I know going on for the rest of February...if anyone in the group has any additional event info that they'd like to share, please post a comment and I'll update this post so we can all see it.

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FenCon Information said...

In case you're interested:

FenCon (http://www.fencon.org), a science fiction convention in Dallas, takes place October 3 - 5.

Our Artist Guest of Honor is Real Musgrave who created 'Pocket Dragons'.

We also have an art show (http://www.fencon.org/artshow.html)

Guest of Honor: Gregory Benford

Music Guest of Honor: Three Weird Sisters

Artist Guest of Honor: Real Musgrave

Fen Guest of Honor: Gerald Burton

Special Guest: Jay Lake

ORAC Special Guest: Doris Egan