Saturday, December 29, 2007

Austin/Dallas Sketchgroup Get together!

Just wanted to let everyone know about the upcoming Austin/Dallas sketchgroup that we will be having. If you are planning on going, please list whether or not you will be attending so we can get an idea to our number. Also, thanks to Paul Richards and the Austin Sketchgroup for hosting and setting this up! This should be a good chance for all of us to enjoy some art, and get to know other great talent around the extended area.



Saturday, Jan. 12th, 2008
11AM - 6PM/? (may go later depending on consensus)


Zero One Studio
4607 Bolm Rd.
Austin, TX 78702

Google Maps Link

Zero One Studio is located behind the Mystic Monkey Tattoo Emporium at 4607 Bolm - at the intersection of Springdale and Bolm in East Austin (across from Blue Genie Art). The entrance to the studio is at 904 1/2 Chote. (in between 904 and 906) This is right near the intersection of Springdale and Bolm in East Austin. (Will probably have some additional signage pointing people to the entrance.)

Springdale is about 1 mile south of MLK on Airport. Or from the south Bolm is about 1/2 mile north of 7th st on Springdale.

From Airport Blvd. you go south on Springdale, cross the railroad tracks and take the 2nd left onto Lyons. Then take the first left onto Chote. Look for the warehouse on the left side of the street down the block 100 feet or so. There is a sign on the fence/gate that says "Zero One Studio". The entrance is on the left side of the building.

PARKING: There is plentiful parking in the grassy area behind the building and is accessible by turning right on Mansell, and right again on Chote (look for a wire-mesh gate and sign). Additional parking can overflow on Chote or to the railroad easement across from the tattoo shop on Bolm. Please do not park directly in front of the tattoo shop. Carpooling is recommended. Neighborhood watch is in effect, but as a precaution don't leave anything valuable in your car. You're responsible for your belongings.

LOST? : (Paul Richards) cell : 512-906-9775
(Brett Briley) cell: 469-667-8257

To bring :
-cushion or whatever you need to be comfortable (There will be tables and folding chairs as well as limited couch seating.)
-beverages (There's a little convenience store next door that has drinks, ice and smokes, so don't worry about toting too much.)
-special lunch requirements (otherwise we'll probably be ordering pizza from a nearby Little Caesars, or getting Sonic burgers)
-work to work on (sketchbooks / w.i.p.s) + supplies
-work to show/exhibit (optional -- the place would work well as a makeshift gallery and is used as a photography studio during the week)-inspirational materials / reference
-laptops (wireless passwords pending)
-ipods (will have a rig for playing music)
-cameras (for documenting!)
-cash donation (suggested for Austin attendees, since we are hosting -- Once we have a ballpark figure for venue and other costs, we can figure all this out)
-cash for downtown parking (should we decide to migrate down there afterwards -- we'll be close)

+Spouses welcome! (no pets please)
++Smoking will be allowed outside the building...should be a coffee can out there.
+++People interested in doing graffiti/tag art are welcome do to this on the side of the buiding the Zero One entrance is on. That's what it's for!

Currently there is no set format -- just a casual day-long meet-and-greet, and a chance to jam on some work. Future sessions may feature a lifedrawing component and/or special presentation. Trickle in and out as you please. In the evening, whenever people are feeling it, we can go downtown and grab drinks.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

chow wip

Here's my wip for chow#100 "Medusa the Queen". I'm still struggling with a wide variety of issues, ranging from anatomy to color to perspective etc. I would greatly appreciate any feedback.

Friday, December 14, 2007

A couple of sketches of mine.

Ok, so I thought I'd contribute a little before someone starts asking wtf. :D

Some rough sketches for chow. I hope I get it finished.

This is just some random guy with cool prosthetics.